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3,000 Pounds of Auctioned Antlers Highlight State’s Role Managing Trafficked Wildlife

The unprecedented tonnage of caribou antlers were the result of a trafficking case stretching from Juneau to the Northwest Arctic community of Selawik.

Gov. Walker, Republican Leadership Tangle Over Proposed LNG Line

Since Gov. Bill Walker was inaugurated, he and the Legislature’s Republican leadership have traded reams of angry letters and testy press releases. Now, their paper battle has transformed into outright hostility in dueling press conferences. APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez is on the line to talk about the disagreements over a proposed natural gas line. Download Audio

Groups to sue Port of Seattle over Shell drilling fleet

A coalition of environmental groups says it's planning to sue to stop Royal Dutch Shell PLC from use Seattle's waterfront as a homeport for its Arctic oil drilling fleet. Download Audio

Nearly $1 Billion Needed To Modernize Rural Sanitation Systems

Members of the Legislative Bush Caucus were told last week in a “Lunch and Learn” session on rural sanitation almost a billion dollars is needed to build, replace, and maintain rural sanitation systems. But, the gap between the level of need and funding is widening. Download Audio

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Seattle Cuts Public Transportation Fares For Low-Income Commuters

Low-income riders can now qualify for a program that will slash their fares by more than half of peak rates. But the cost will be offset by fare increases for everybody else.

Obama Says Iran Should Commit To 10-Year Freeze Of Nuclear Program

A long-term deal like that, Obama said in an interview with Reuters, would be the best way to assure that Iran does not attain a nuclear weapon.

Before Rosa Parks, A Teenager Defied Segregation On An Alabama Bus

Claudette Colvin was a 15-year-old student from Montgomery, Ala., when she refused to yield her bus seat to a white passenger. But she has been largely forgotten in civil rights history.

With Much Controversy, Boston Begins Removing Parking Space Savers

The near-record winter is testing a longtime Boston tradition of allowing residents to save a parking space they shoveled out 48 hours. The problem is that the snow hasn't stopped falling.

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