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Man charged after using stolen front loader to rob liquor store

A man was charged with DUI, theft, and criminal mischief among other charges after he ran a front loader into an Anchorage Brown Jug liquor store in order to rob it at around 3 in the morning on Thursday.

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Germ Resistant To Antibiotic Of Last Resort Appears In U.S.

The germs caused a urinary tract infection in a Pennsylvania woman that was difficult to treat. The bacteria were resistant to the drug often used as the last-ditch treatment, but another one worked.

Deep Sea Explorers Discover A Sponge The Size Of A Minivan

The deep-sea researchers were surveying an ocean ridge near Hawaii. "Where did this guy come from? Holy cow!" said one researcher when he saw the huge sponge. They say it's the largest ever recorded.

In Louisiana, It's Now A Hate Crime To Target Police Officers

Those convicted of targeting law enforcement and emergency crews can now face stricter penalties. "The overarching message is that hate crimes will not be tolerated in Louisiana," the governor said.

To Kill Mosquitoes That Spread Zika, Strike Before They Fly

Cities and towns are preparing for mosquito season and the threat of the Zika virus by spreading pesticides. It worked for the West Nile virus but may not be as effective for controlling Zika.

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