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US won’t support trade ban on polar bear products

The United States recently announced it will not support an international ban on the trade of polar bear products at an upcoming meeting on endangered species. In a statement released last week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says it remains concerned about the commercial use of polar bear hides, but it says it won’t encourage the ban.

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'I've Got Your Back,' Obama Tells Residents Of Flint, Mich., Amid Water Crisis

The president told an energetic audience he "will not rest" until the city's water is safe to drink. A federal state of emergency has been declared as a result of lead leaching into Flint's water.

How Much Does It Cost To Educate A Student In Michigan? (Or, In The U.S.?)

Who knows how much it takes to educate a child, and how do you find out? The state of Michigan is trying to answer those questions right now.

Justice Department Says North Carolina Bathroom Law Violates Civil Rights

The DOJ warned that the law preventing transgender people from using public bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity and also limiting protection for LGBT people can't be enforced.

Ex-Chemist In Massachusetts Was High On Drugs At Work For 8 Years

Documents released Tuesday say Sonja Farak was under the influence of methamphetamines, ketamine, cocaine, LSD and other drugs nearly every day between 2005 and 2013.

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