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State’s largest school district, 48K students to be led by an Alaskan–but which?

A months long search has yielded two candidates with very different experience across Alaska's schools.

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U.S. Service Members Disciplined In Mistaken Bombing Of Afghan Hospital

The airstrikes killed 42 people at a civilian hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, in October 2015. U.S. officials say personnel attacked the wrong target.

Syria Hospital Bombing: Are The Rules Of War Breaking Down?

The destruction of a hospital in Aleppo is part of a disturbing trend. And it's not just happening in Syria.

Weighing The Good And The Bad Of Autonomous Killer Robots In Battle

It sounds like science fiction, but it's a very real and contentious debate that is making its way through the U.N. Advocates of a ban want all military weapons to be under "meaningful human control."

3 Things To Know About The NFL Draft That Don't Have Much To Do With Football

Most notably, a 22-year-old German wide receiver could be the first player drafted straight from Europe to the NFL.

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