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  • Vote No on Ballot Measure 1
    Arctic Slope Regional Corporation has come out publicly against Ballot Measure 1 because we have seen the positive impact that SB21 has already made in creating jobs and opportunity, and we don't want to see that momentum halted. We are proud to be joined by 5 of the other Native corporations in Alaska - collectively, we represent nearly 70,000 shareholders and provide employment for nearly 14,000 people statewide. Together, the No One On One coalition stands with Alaskans from all sides of the political aisle in opposition to Ballot Measure 1.
  • Making a molehill out of a mountain
    Some people believe everything happens for a reason, that there are no coincidences. For opponents of the proposed Pebble mine in Southwest Alaska, Mount Polley is affirmation of that theory.
  • Leadership, not rhetoric, matters in Arctic
    The people of the Arctic have survived through a culture of respect, decency, and kindness.
  • Alaskans: It's our oil. It's our future.
    It's our oil. You've heard that a lot. But what does it really mean?
  • Near-zero oil tax will damage state economy
    It's interesting how $12 million in oil company ads don't mention what you need to know.

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