A Guardian Flight turboprop prepares to take off from Skagway’s airport. (Photo courtesy Guardian Flight Facebook)
The search continues for any sign of the medevac plane that disappeared near Kake with three crew members on board in January.

According to a Guardian Flight Facebook post Sunday, a search team recently located a large object in Frederick Sound that they think could be part of the missing aircraft.
Using sonar, they estimate the object to be about 25 feet long and six-to-eight feet wide.
The object is under about 600 feet of water, so the team will need to use a submersible to identify it. That may take a few days.
The Juneau-based crew — pilot Patrick Coyle, paramedic Margaret Langston and nurse Stacie Rae Morse — took off from Anchorage on Jan. 29 to pick up a patient in Kake. They never arrived.
A three-day search in the area by the Coast Guard turned up part of a wing, but nothing else.
Search crews detected a signal from the plane’s cockpit voice recorder, or “black box,” in February.
Family, friends and colleagues of the missing crew members are anxiously awaiting word of any findings.
Randy Lyman, vice president of operations for Guardian Flight, wrote in the Facebook post that they will share updates as soon as they know more.
“We are hopeful that this might be a positive step in the process to recover our missing friends and return them to their families,” Lyman wrote.
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