The south terminal of the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage (photo courtesy of Ted Stevens International Airport).

The skies above Anchorage will soon be quieter, as construction wraps up on one of the runways at Ted Stevens International Airport.

“The paving portion is complete,” said Airport Manager Jim Szczesniak. “They’re in the process of grooving the runway, finishing the final electrical installations and then also painting the runway.”

The North-South Runway Renewal Project has been going on for two years. During construction, planes that would normally fly over Cook Inlet rerouted over the city.

That meant extra plane noise for Anchorage residents.

But Szczesniak says the rehabilitation effort is expected to end in early October.

“When we get the runway open, the airport traffic pattern should return back to normal where we’re arriving and departing over the water,” Szczesniak said.

And that means that airplane noise will soon subside.
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