The sun sets Sunday, Aug. 6, over the Chilkat River in Haines. (Photo by Emily Files, KHNS-Haines)

A Haines man was mauled by a brown bear along the Chilkat River Thursday evening. According to Alaska State Troopers, Casey Bradford and his father Scott Bradford were returning to their boat after hunting for moose when a brown bear attacked Casey Bradford from behind.

As the bear was on his son’s back, Scott Bradford intentionally fired a shot over it with his rifle. Scott Bradford reported that the bear released his son and ran back into the brush. He attempted to shoot the bear as it left.

The Bradfords were able to drive to a medical facility where Casey Bradford was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. State troopers say it is unclear if the bear was struck when shot at or what motivated the attack. The bear has not been located. According to Fish and Game Area Management Biologist Carl Koch, the attack occurred near 25 mile on the Haines Highway.
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